BrellaTM — the new mobile app from SHAZAM 
  • Do you use a smart phone? If yes, you can take advantage of Brella. Brella is a fraud transaction alerting and balance monitoring application. Download Brella for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or log into  Once you have created an account and logged in, you will see your balance and can set up personalized Alerts & Settings. 

    • TRANSACTION CONTROL - Cardholders will be able to pause (block) or unblock their card, without affecting previous transactions.
    • Provide account balance information on your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime, anywhere.
    • Set up email ALERTS 24/7. Example of Alerts is: transaction amount alerts, internet and phone transaction alerts, international transaction alerts, card not present alerts, etc... If you receive an alert for a transaction you did not authorize, please notify the bank immediately to help stop additional fraudulent activity with your debit card.
    • LOCATE ATMs nationwide
    • PERSON-TO-PERSON MONEY TRANSFERS. Send money to other cardholders enrolled in Brella. An individual can easily send money to their children, as long as both individuals are enrolled in Brella. (fees and limits apply)
    • MANAGE TRAVEL NOTICE - Cardholders can submit their own travel notice to Brella when traveling. 

    Cardholders can sign up in a flash.

    Once the app is downloaded and installed, the individual cardholder will be asked to enter some basic information, such as account number, PIN, card expiration date, etc. The individual cardholder will also be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. 

    Other Notes:

    • Cardholder can cancel at any time by removing all of your debit cards from the Service
    • It is up to the individual to keep State Bank of Graymont up to date with email address
    • It is up to the individual to update profile; such as card expiration date and/or change in card number and/or change of email address
    Time to time, an email will be sent about updates to terms and agreement, changes to registration, and new services available.