Other Services

Automatic Fund Transfers

Accounts may be set up to automatically draft from and transfer to other State Bank of Graymont accounts. You can also have loan payments set up to come out automatically. 

Direct Deposit

Bank customers have the option of having their government checks, pension checks, or payroll checks directly deposited into their checking or savings accounts. Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of stolen checks, minimizes trips to the bank and there are no fees. 

For more information, contact the issuer of the check/deposit to arrange for your direct deposit. 

Cashier Checks

Available for State Bank of Graymont customers for larger transactions or if required by certain companies. 

Contact a State Bank of Graymont representative for more information and fee.

Wire Transfers

Bank customers can transfer funds or have funds deposited into an existing account from a financial institution inside or outside the United States. Benefits of wire transfers are immediate access to transferred funds. 

Contact our State Bank of Graymont Wire Department for incoming wire instructions and fee information. 

Night Depository

We have Night Drop boxes available for use 24 hours a day at all 3 locations. 

Safe Deposit Boxes*

You can keep your personal items and important documents safe. Boxes are available at the Graymont and Pontiac offices. 

Contact a State Bank of Graymont representative for more information and fees. 

*Contents are not FDIC insured