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The State Bank of Graymont was founded in 1913. Organizers for the State Bank of Graymont were headed by a Pontiac banker from the old National Bank of Pontiac. Other younger officers from the National Bank of Pontiac were also involved. Plus, there were other investors from the Pontiac area along with several investors from the Graymont area. 

The very first Employee for the State Bank of Graymont was J. H Unzicker. H. E. Vogelsinger Sr. actually worked the very first days of the State Bank of Graymont until Mr. Unzicker could finish his farming in Michigan. Mr. Unzicker served as the Cashier for the State Bank of Graymont from 1913 to 1956. During the general bank moratorium in 1933 Mr. Unzicker was able to keep the State Bank of Graymont open.

On January 27, 1940, at a special meeting of the Board of Directors, a resolution to liquidate the State Bank of Graymont was passed by the Board of Directors. By April 30, 1940 there was a shift of stock ownership. Many of the new shareholders came again from the Graymont area. At the April 30, 1940 Board of Directors meeting, four new directors were elected.

Mr. Unzicker died suddenly in 1956. Dale Rich then took over the helm of the State Bank of Graymont. Mr. Rich served the State Bank of Graymont until 1982. In 1975 Mr. Rich moved the banking office from small building in Graymont to the current location at 204 Main Street in Graymont.

After Mr. Rich’s death in 1982, Lyle Leach was named the President at the State Bank of Graymont. During Mr. Leach’s tenure as President a one bank holding company was formed in 1990.  Graymont Bancorp Inc became the sole shareholder of State Bank of Graymont. All the shareholders from the State Bank of Graymont became the shareholders of Graymont Bancorp, Inc.

Mr. Leach retired as President in 1994. Ronald Minnaert was then named President. In 1997 The State Bank of Graymont added a branch in Chenoa, Illinois. During 1998, another location was purchased for a branch in Pontiac, Illinois which is the county seat of Livingston County. The Pontiac branch was opened in 1999. 

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